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Gain advanced insights and predictive abilities with your data.

Solutions for business. Providing advanced techniques and process automation.

Bring enterprise level best practices for project management and business analysis to your company with our consultants.

Gain actionable insights and predictive abilities with your data.

Data Cleansing

- Identification and removal of  
- Anomaly & outlier detection &
- Improve quality of data

Data Blending & Enrichment 

- Derive more value from existing    data sources
- Ability to blend data from
  dissimilar sources
- Use of structured and/or
   unstructured data

Data Quality Analysis

- Scoring of data quality
- Number of nulls and empty
- Uniqueness of a field
- Data ranges, standard deviation
   and percentile distributions
- Descriptive statistics 

Forecasting & Machine Learning

- Find key predicators 
- Discover correlations between
   data elements
- Classification, regression &

Data Analytics

- Use professional grade tools such as Python and R
-Look for insights and patterns
-find trends


-Represent data in a clean dashboard  interface
-Create a simple interface to represent insights in Tableau, PowerBI, or Excel

Geo Spatial Analysis and Mapping

- Show your data on a map
- Understand geo graphical relationships in data

Graph DB

- For understanding and analysis of very complex relationships in data not possible in traditional relational data structures

Solutions for business.  Providing advanced techniques and process automation.

Improve Productivity

Simplifying tasks supports the completion of more complex jobs in a shorter period of time.

Database Integration

Allowing Excel to consume database information directly and use that in the development of analysis is key a company’s growth and productivity.

VBA Programming

Excel functions can do a large variety of tasks.  Custom functions or workflows will require programming.  We are experts at this!

Process Automation

Automation of processes will improve the quality of work and allow for easier training and onboarding of workers.

Rivait Software Systems Inc. brings enterprise-level best practices for project management, workflow design, systems analysis, and business requirements definitions.

Project Management

Our certified PMPs have years of running all size of IT and data projects.  

Business Analysis

All great solutions start with a clear plan of the problem and potential solutions.

Requirements Gathering

Projects that span multiple departments require careful communication and skills to understand all the deliverables.

Systems Design

We create all the required design and requirements documents for project signoff and completion.


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